There was a great man whose name was Divida. Once upon a time he was nice to Balarama. But alas, it is difficult to always remain a kind, good and nice human being, and slowly he developed arrogance and tyrannous qualities. He did many, many undivine things, and people could not bear his arrogance or his tyranny.

The worst incident occurred when he was tempted to steal Balarama's ploughshare. He entered into Balarama's house in the middle of the night and stole the ploughshare.

When Balarama discovered his loss, he challenged Divida to mortal combat, in a few seconds cutting off the thief's head.

He told Divida's friends and others, "Never, never dare to steal my main instrument, the ploughshare. That is my life-breath. If you create any problems for me, ignorance will befriend you. I do not want ignorance to befriend you. When you allow ignorance to befriend you, eventually death comes to befriend you. So be wise. Don't try to make a fool of me and don't try to make a fool of my brother, Krishna. Do not make a fool of anyone, or eventually yours shall be the unimaginable punishment!"

GIM 119. 29 January 1979

From:Sri Chinmoy,Skvělá indická jídla: božsky lahodná a nanejvýš výživná, část 6, (knižně nevydáno), 2016
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