Caller: If an ignorant person who hasn't had any realisation is confronted with a situation of great physical danger, what kind of prayer could a person make to God at that critical moment? Sudden death happens to people in an airplane or on the streets at times.


Donna Halper: If he finds his life in danger, can a person seriously speak to God, even though the person has been irreligious?

Sri Chinmoy: We are all God's children. The parents are always full of love, even for a naughty boy who does not listen to them. When this naughty child at times runs into difficulty, he runs to his parents to help him. Will the parents discard him at that time? No, the parents will immediately embrace him and say, "At long last, my son, you have come to me for help." Similarly, God's help is always there provided we have a sincere cry.

Donna Halper: So the person who has been against religion or thought religion was silly or did not want to get involved in religion, if at a moment of danger that person reaches out to God, God will answer him?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely He will answer, but in His own Way, of course.

Donna Halper: He will accept the sincerity of this person?

Sri Chinmoy: If someone sincerely cries for God's help, God will definitely help him. It depends on his sincerity.